Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animaniacs Model Sheets

In the wake of cleaning up all my things for the big move, I found these in one of my old school notebooks from college. I loved loved loved this show growing up. I really like the loose quality of the poses. Enjoy!


stephen said...

animaniacs. you either like it or don't.

I like it! I remember seeing those "good idea bad idea segments" as a kid. I never realized before seeing those that cartoons could be hilarious. Not just ho hum funny.

Andrew Coats said...

nice, those are awesome!

Aira said...

wow, i love animaniacs

Craig said...

Dad is just soooo proud of you!
What's an "animaniac?"


Tim Moen said...

i am 99% confident that Dan Haskett did these. He is awesome.