Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello, Hong Kong!

My first view of the mountains from Hong Kong Airport.

After 15 hours, 4 airplane meals, and 2 stuffed suitcases later, I have finally arrived in Hong Kong to begin my Fulbright grant year! My mom and I landed in the Hong Kong airport this evening, glad to be finally off the plane and on land again! This is my first time in Hong Kong, and for my mom it's her first time back to her childhood home after decades away.

Here are some of my first impressions of the city (in my delirious sleep deprived state):

It's multi-culturalism. All signs and announcements are made in both English and Cantonese. My mom talked to both airport workers in both languages, and she started giving English lessons to the taxi driver, who wanted to improve his English. She taught him the following:
  1. "Pay me first, I will wait for you."
  2. "Bi-racial." (the taxi driver said he calls racially mixed people "mixed pots." We taught him this other term)
  3. "Racial discrimination" that was a hard one for him to say!
  4. "Can you help me look for the number?"
She was even able to haggle the price down, maybe because she helped him so much! Cars also drive on the opposite side of the road due to Britsh colonial influence. One big surprise for me was finding a Pret A Manger, an organic sandwich chain I frequented in NYC, inside the airport!

Really really tall buildings. All the buildings are like skyscrapers, very different from a lot of the low rise 6-story buildings of New York. They are beautiful at night when all the lights are on.

Hot and Humid! That's the weather forecast for the rest of the week. Our air conditioners even have an extra feature to cope with it.

Tomorrow it's off to university to get acquainted!


cms319 said...

hooray!! glad you made it there finally!

Tiffany said...

Glad that things went smoothly on your trip there! I'd never have that good of luck...hehe.

Take care!