Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pics of the Day 08: More Sham Shui Po

Went back to Sham Shui Po, this time with the big video camera I borrowed from the university. Another unbelievably hot day. I walked down Hoi Tan Street, where my Mom and her family first lived in Hong Kong. I stopped for a cold drink at a tea place, and made small conversation with another customer, me speaking in Mandarin, him speaking to me in Cantonese.

I have really grown to like this area, which feels like a throw-back to the past. There were some gems of buildings that looked like colonial era (maybe the 20s and 30s?) that are rare to find on Hong Kong island.

The hotel I stayed in last September, just behind the street where my Mom and her family first lived in HK

Delicious cold tea drink. The small sign on the left says "Five Flower Tea"

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deron said...

You're so lucky to explore where our grandparents lived for a time. I'm envious that you got to see and to some extent experience where your mom and my mom hung out. Remember how fortunate you are in this. You are currently the only one in our family of our generation to know much about that time. None of us grandkids know much of anything of that time period. Cherish it.