Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pics of the Day 09: Dragon's Back and Shek O Beach

Saturday was a beautiful day. I went on a hike along Dragon's Back, this was my 5th time on the trail. But today's weather offered the most stunning views I've seen yet- visibility was great. Since August is the wettest month in Hong Kong, the hills were a magnificent bright green, the waters a clear and deep blue. I saw so many butterflies, and a giant spider clinging to its web. After the hike, we took the bus for a short ride to Shek O beach. In 35 degree C weather, the hot sand burned our feet, but the water was really refreshing. It's days like this that make me fall in love with Hong Kong all over again.

View of Stanley from Dragon's Back

The giant spider

Shek O town and beach

Shek O Beach

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